Project Description



2012 – 2016

Our work

  • Augmented Reality
  • Presentation design
  • Product design

The multinational PROMENS Packaging contacted to create and develop new ideas for the presentations of its products to important customers.

These presentations had to be especially attractive and innovative. The proposal of was the use of augmented reality, a technology that in 2012 was a novelty that met the objectives of the company. This project included on the one hand the development and programming of the presentations supported by the use of cameras and projectors, and on the other hand the design of tables called AR-Tables on which the presentations would be made.

These tables, of which there were two versions, were used for four years for presentations to such important clients as UNILEVER, PROCTER & GAMBLE, L’OREAL, GSK… designed each of the presentations during those years as well as a reduced version of the presentation in which the tables were no longer used.