Project Description




Our Work

  • Definition of Corporate Image
  • Product Photography
  • Event photography
  • Campaign design
  • Community Manager

Brand Luxury Shop was a store selling luxury branded clothing located in the center of Barcelona.

For its start up, it contacted to give it support in the creation of its corporate image as well as its maintenance over time.

The idea behind the development of their image was the use of black bands combined with the name of the main brands they sold. The black bands would be used those times that they did not have the right to use the brand in events and complete promotions. In addition, these black bands encouraged the curiosity of their customers to know what brands they were hiding behind, increasing their interest.

Once the corporate image elements were designed, applied them to all those actions that took place during the months the store was active., as an external design and marketing department, did campaign creation work (newsletters, posters, events…), as well as community manager and product photography.