Project Description




Our work

  • Creation and development of the concept
  • Creation of the slogan
  • Graphic Design
  • Art Direction


Metro de Madrid celebrated its 100th anniversary and was asking for ideas to develop the campaign.

Metro makes the complicated easy, all the chaos of surface travel is simplified once you enter the Metro. Crossings, traffic lights, lanes, pedestrians, bicycles, cars, motorcycles or vans…
Metro reduces it to a STRAIGHT LINE
For 100 years it has been the easiest way to travel, when we are in the car, we lose
the awareness of being in a complex transportation network since our path becomes a straight line, with a series of intermediate stops between you and where you want to go.
The straight line joins emotions, ecology, future, accessibility . In short, it makes your life easier and more pleasant.
The straight line refers us to things well done, easier, faster and more comfortable. That is why we wanted to transfer this representation of the line
straight to the different routes that their users take.

Bajo este concepto se desarrolló toda una estrategia de comunicación, incluyendo cartelería interior, exterior, spots de televisión y cine, cuñas de radio y banners de internet, además de otras acciones complementarias como juegos, merchandising…